Do you have a fan club

EmiSunshine responded on 07/17/2016

She has two fan clubs. The Sunshiners and EmiSunshine Fan Club. Here is the information for both of them.

Fan Club
EmiSunshine Fanclub!
Want to be a part of the new fanclub? It's easy!
What do I get ?
A exclusive signed photo, a bracelet, a exclusive button and a sticker! Along with a monthly newsletter! It's just $23.00 a year! To sign up contact Sunshine Pinell 615-278-4847

Sunshiners Club
Did you know about our Sunshiners Club?

Open enrollment to become a member if you haven't considered it you might want to! Lots of perks!
What does the EmiSunshine Sunshiners Club come with?
A year commitment to deliver prize packages exclusive to the club! Admission to the private group page ( sample below ), this includes new info, songs, concert tickets presales, online concert etc! ( all info on this site is private and confidential)

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